Shower and Tub Maintenance
Ceramic tile showers and baths are designed to give you many years of service if you pay close attention to what is happening to them.  Watch for small cracks that may appear between the tiles or in the corners.  These cracks allow moisture to penetrate into the backing (usually drywall) deteriorating the drywall and weakening the bond between the tile and the drywall.  Prompt service at the first signs of cracking will prevent major damage to the system.
Recaulking - caulk is professionally applied to all corner seams.  Depending on prior condition the old caulk may  need to be stripped out. It is necessary for the tub/shower to be unused 24-48 hrs before service and 24-48 hrs afterwards.

Tub - Strip out old caulk & recaulk - $100

Shower - Strip old caulk & recaulk - $165 *typical for average                         sized shower, larger showers may be more.
Regrouting - missing or cracked grout between the tiles also allows moisture to penetrate the system.  
Grout touchup - $65 - $85
Strip and Recaulk kitchen counters - cracks at the backsplash can let water into the counter subsurface causing damage.  12' counter, $50

Strip and Caulk around the kitchen sink and give it a fresh new look.$30
Kitchen Counters
Recaulk exterior windows to maintain water and air tightness.$10-$15 per window

Imitation stucco - recaulk windows with NP-1 (recommended by builders).$15-$20 per window  
Your Personal Handyman has colored caulks to closely match most grouts in showers/tubs/counters. 
Interior Moldings
After 4-5 years moldings naturally dry out and shrink resulting in spaces.  These can be caulked and painted to restore that new look.    
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