Repair - before you replace a broken attic stair check with me first.  Certain parts of the attic stair can be repaired or new parts made.  Call or e-mail me with details (pictures work great). 
If reqd: Ceiling prep (install 22 1/2 x 52" opening) +$75-$125
Attic Stair Installation
Replace existing 22 1/2" or 25 1/2" atic stair with heavy duty (350 lb rated) aluminum stair with gas pistons  
$250 labor + Material (does not include attic stair)

Trim out and paint+$70
Attic Stairs (pull down stairs)
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Note the aluminum construction for strength and long life.

Springs have been replaced with gas pistons that give you a slow closing effect (wont slam shut). 

This ladder is rock steady when in use.
I have a brand new 22" "metal" attic ladder for an 8' ceiling (yes I messed up and bought the wrong one and cut the legs before I realized it). I will sell it for 1/2 ($120) or install it for you for $370.  
Going, going, ALMOSTGONE.