Cabinet / Drawer Repairs
Water Damaged Shelves
Cabinet doors - overuse or abuse can damage cabinet doors to where they actually fall apart.  These can most often be repaired to look like new.  Most times they are stronger than original.   Typical repair $60.
Cabinet drawers - commonly the face of the drawer will come detached from the drawer box.  This can be repaired to function like new.  Typical repair $50.

If the drawer box is badly damaged, a new one can be made.    
Drawers not sliding properly.  Commonly a problem with detached or defective drawer slides.  These slides can be repaired or replaced. 
Pots and pan drawers (very heavy) -   new heavy duty slides can be installed on these drawers for better use.     
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Water Damaged Kitchen Sink Shelf - most sink shelves are made of MDF or wafer board and when these get water soaked they quickly disintegrate.  Replace that water damaged shelf under the kitchen sink with 5/8" marine plywood.  Never again worry about water ruining it.   Typical repair $195
Water damaged shelf
old shelf removed
new plywood shelf installed
finished product - better than new
Cabinet handles and pulls -  Cabinet door hardware adds unique beauty and disitinction to otherwise plain cabinetry.  You buy the hardware and have it professionally installed by Your Personal Handyman.                                       
Standard single hole or 3-4" spread handles  $4 ea. 
* Cabinet drawers slide out for easy access to your storage. No more getting on your knees to reach whats in back of your cabinets.