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David Cournoyer, Owner - Keller, Texas
Serving N.E. Tarrant County since 1994
    Office (cell) : (817)337-4664
Summary of Services
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Insurance Statement - Your Personal Handyman is fully insured for your protection. 

Last updated: March 24, 2014
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Tub/Shower Caulking
Professional caulking of your tub or shower will add years to the life of the system.  Your Personal Handyman can provide this service. 
   Tub   - $95*
Shower - $145*
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* Typical pricing
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The person I owe my talents to: 

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Home Upkeep Tips and Secrets:

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After windows, doors are one of the biggest wasters of energy.  If you see light or feel air at your doors let Your Personal Handyman professionally service your doors.  Dust lines on your door jams indicate the infiltration of air into your house.  Call today.    
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Tired of those wall/ceiling cracks or holes?  Let YPH professionally repair and texture them.  Settlement cracks, wet damage, holes. Touchup painting included if you have the matching paint. 
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an estimate.         
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In Business full time since
"20 years"
Minimum residential service call labor charge
(commercial $85)
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Hazardous Waste Disposal Links

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Things I Do Not Do.   With partner referrals.
Your Personal Handyman is NOT a franchise.  It is my full time business. I am a one man operation so you will only deal with the owner (David Cournoyer).  I will answer your calls, I will do your work.  I primarily service Keller and Southlake, TX.  The picture below is about 15 years old but that is still the same trailer I tow now, just a few more dents and scratches (kinda like me - and my hair is grey).  I accept cash/check.  I do not require up front money, you pay me when the work is done and you are happy.  But please pay me when the work is completed.  I hope I can help you.  Call me.
Hours:     Monday - Friday  
8am - 5pm
Sorry everyone, no more Saturdays
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HANDYMAN HUMOR -  At least from my perspective.  LOL
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I will be unavailable during the period May 21 thru June 4. 
The best way to communicate during this time will be email: 
If you must know I will be helping with repairs on the International Space Station.